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Become a Member of the Temple

Membership in the Temple of Nature (ToN) is open to anyone who shares and supports our Declaration of Principles.

Criteria for Membership

The Temple of Nature welcomes all sorts of people with interest in natural spirituality and natural healing modalities. Practitioners and students of spiritual/healing/esoteric modalities as well as spiritual counselors, spiritual educators, healers, spiritual life coaches and other professionals with goals and objectives that are consistent with those of the Temple of Nature may be granted ToN Membership.

Any member who wishes to practice as a clergy under the authority of the Temple of Nature must graduate from one of the study programs offered at the Metaphysical Academy. After graduation you will be able to apply for ordination.

Individual Conduct Standard

Members accept responsibility for their own actions, understanding that they affect the name of the Temple. Members are responsible for living their life in a way that inspires respect for the Temple. Members respect the faith and beliefs of other people and their right to choose the path they consider appropriate for them.

Duties of Temple’s Members

Members must support the Temple through donations, time and energy that will be dedicated to the growth of the Temple and the achievement of its purposes.

> Suggested recurring donation 1: $ 10 per month.
> Suggested recurring donation 2: $ 60 per year ($ 5 per month).
> Suggested recurring donation 3: $ 120 per year ($10 per month).
> Suggested recurring donation 3: free will amount.
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