All the academic work is done independently.

The program certifies 42 credits.

To enter the program you must be an ordained priest/priestess with the Temple of Nature and have a Master degree from Pagan Theological Seminary or any other educational institution. You must also provide a statement of the reasons you have for seeking your degree in Pagan Theological Seminary.

You must send a proposal for your Graduation Work also called “Great Work”. This Great Work should be a unique contribution to the expansion of Pagan Spirituality in the 21st Century.

Once the application process is completed you will be contacted by the supervising High-Priest who will assign subjects to study according to your interests and training needs. From that moment you will start your Great Work. All documentation related to the project and its progress will be sent to the supervising High-Priest. The documentation should include anecdotal reports about the project as a whole, reading reports and reports of any other activity involved. All this documentation will be part of the Great Work that you must produce once the project is complete.

As part of your training work, you must develop study programs and write courses for the undergraduate program of the Seminary and for the courses of the Mystery School.

At the time of application, you must have a clear idea of ​​what your Great Work will be.



According to your research area and upon the approval of your Great Work you will receive one of the following religious certifications:

* Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics, Ph.D. (if Great Work is related to research of mystical or esoteric disciplines, its practice and/or its history.)

* Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies, Ph.D. (if Great Work is related to research of comparative religions and religious traditions.)



All prices are shown in US dollars and are not refundable.

Ph.D. degree program: $ 2,650 (if paid in full).


Payment Plan

Year long plan: $ 1,200 down payment + 11 monthly payments of $ 150 – total $ 2,850.

Payments are made through PayPal. The lack of payment will result in the immediate abandonment of the program.

The price of the program covers:
* Up to 24 months to complete the program.
* Access to Pagan Theological Seminary virtual campus.
* Study material in electronic format (downloadable).
* Regular contact via email with the Instructor (once a month for 12 months).
* 1 year – priestly membership (after graduation).

Note: in case that more time is needed to complete the program you will have to pay a monthly fee of $ 100 until all the requirements are completed.

Issuing of Credentials

* Issuing and printing or emailing of credentials (certificate of degree): $ 35.-


Handling & Shipping

* Handling and mailing through postal mail of credentials: $ 35.-