At this level, the student begins to work in a more independent fashion and begins to pinpoint their focus and how it affects the larger Pagan community. Acceptance into the program requires a Bachelor’s of Theology from Templar Theological Seminary (TTS), the ordination as Priest/Priestess of Nature with the Temple of Nature, and being an inner order member of the Temple of Nature. Candidates will submit a proposal for their Mastery Work also referred to as a Marterpiece which will make a unique contribution to the diffusion of Earth-centered/Pagan Spiritual Practices in the society.

Acceptance into the program is dependent upon:
* The Masterpiece proposal being approved.
* Being accepted as candidate by the supervising High Priest/Priestess.

Once the Masterpiece proposal is approved and the student is accepted by the supervising High Priest/Priestess, the student will proceed with the project. Oversight is provided by the supervising High Priest/Priestess and documentation for the Masterpiece will be submitted to him/her. Documentation will include but is not limited to anecdotal reports on the project as a whole, reading reports, and reports of any other activity involved. All of this will be a part of the final Project or Thesis that the student will produce after the project is completed (Masterpiece = 12 credit hours.)

In addition to the Masterpiece, a student will study a number of topics as determined by their supervising High Priest/Priestess to total 36 credit hours.

Each Master’s Candidate is expected to perform sacred service with the Undergraduate program of TTS and/or with Templar Mystery School. This includes facilitating workshops, programs, classes, writing courses for the Virtual Classroom and activities in person.

The Master’s study takes a minimum of two years to complete. Students applying to the Master’s Program should already have an idea of what their Masterpiece will be.



According to the area of their Masterpiece graduates will receive one of the following religious degrees:
* Master of Arts in Religious Studies, M.A. (if Masterpiece is related to the study of comparative religions and religious traditions.)
* Master of Divinity, M.Div. (if Masterpiece is related to spiritual counseling-teaching and spiritual or holistic healing.)
* Master of Metaphysics, M.M. (if Masterpiece is related to mystic and esoteric practices.)
* Master of Pagan Studies, M.P.S. (if Masterpiece is related to earth-centered spiritual practices.)
* Master of Philosophy, Ph.M. (if Masterpiece is related to research of mystic and esoteric disciplines and its history.)
* Master of Theology, Th.M. (if Masterpiece is related to research of ancient scriptures, lore, symbols, alphabets, and languages.)


Fees and Payments

Annual Fee: $ 1,100 (if paid in full).

If Paid in Installments:
Option A. 2 installments of $ 560 (every 6 months) – total $ 1,120.
Option B. 4 installments of $ 280 (every 3 months) – total $ 1,120.
Option C. 12 installments of $ 95 (every month) – total $ 1,140.

Payments could be made through subscription via PayPal (you will be directed to payment page after submitting the application form). Canceling will result in immediate dis-enrollment.

Annual Fee covers:
* 1 year of educational services.
* Up to 18 credit hours of studies.
* Study material in electronic format.
* Monthly contact via email with your Tutor.
* Issuing and printing credentials (Diploma/Certificate) upon completion.

Note: in case more time is required to complete the program requirements, the monthly fee ($ 95) must be paid until the program is completed.


Issuing of Credentials

* Issuing & emailing of certificates/diplomas through email: $ 25.-


Handling & Shipping

* Handling & Shipping of certificates/diplomas through postal mail: $ 45 (worldwide.)