Become an Initiate or Adept of the Temple


All the academic work is done independently.

The program certifies 120 credits of which up to 60 can be validated through previous studies or life experience. To complete the requirements of the program you must present and approve a research paper in your area of study.

To enter the program you must…
* be a good standing member of the Temple of Nature,
* have a minimum age of 25 years old,
* have an associate degree from another educational institution, or
* have verifiable life experience (minimum 3 years) in the area in which you wish to obtain your degree.

After the application process is completed, you will be contacted by the supervising High-Priest who will assess your background and assign topics/courses to study according to your interests and training needs.



Time limits for completion of program are as follows:
* Minimum: 1 year.
* Maximum: 2 years.



After successful completion of the program, you’ll receive…
* Degree: Adept of the Temple.-

According to your research you will receive one of the following religious certifications:
* Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, B.A. (if research is related to comparative religions and religious traditions.)
* Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div. (if research is related to shamanism, spiritual teaching/counseling or spiritual healing.)
* Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M. (if research is related to mystical or esoteric practices.)
* Bachelor of Pagan Ministry, B.P.M. (if research is related to practical pagan ministry.)
* Bachelor of Theology, Th.B. (if research is related to the study of spiritual, religious, mystical or esoteric traditions).

Important: religious certification is granted indefinitely as long as the graduate remains in good standing as a member of the Temple of Nature. In case of leaving the Temple of Nature or serious misconduct this certification may be withdrawn by Ancient Wisdom Theological Seminary.


Ordination is Optional

After graduation as an Adept of the Temple you may apply for ordination as Clergy and registration in the rolls of the Temple of Nature. At that time you may choose one of the following titles:
* Minister,
* Healing Minister,
* Inter-faith Minister,
* Pagan Minister,
* Spiritual Minister,
* Shaman.

Once ordained You may attach Reverend, Frater or Soror to your name and accept money for your services.



All prices are shown in US dollars and are not refundable.

Level 1 study program: $ 2,480 (if paid in full).


Payment Plan

Year long plan: $ 1,000 down payment + 11 monthly payments of $ 148 – total $ 2,628.-

18 months plan: $ 400 down payment + 17 monthly payments of $ 140 – total $ 2,780.-

Payments are made through PayPal. The lack of payment will result in the immediate abandonment of the program.

The price of the program covers:
* Background evaluation/validation.
* Up to 24 months to complete the program.
* Access to Ancient Wisdom Theological Seminary’s virtual campus.
* Study material in electronic format (downloadable).
* Regular contact via email with the Instructor (once a month for 12 months).
* Ministry ordination/registry tuition.
* 1 year of membership at ToN (after graduation).


Issuing of Credentials

* Issuing and printing or emailing of credentials (certificate of degree): $ 35.-


Handling & Shipping

* Handling and mailing through postal mail of credentials: $ 35.-