Our Associate of Theology program is carefully designed to deepen both your understanding of the Pagan Path, and your spiritual connection with Nature.

In your Freshman studies, you will:
Be introduced to the magical realms of the mind, body, emotions and spirit.
Learn to create sacred space and how to work in it.
Discover the Wheel of the Year, and why we celebrate the holy days.
Become confident in casting circle and calling quarters in your own personal rituals.
Build a practice based on your beliefs and your personal contract with the divine.

In your Sophomore studies, you will:
Fine tune your focus with energy anatomy studies and exercises.
Embody archetypes.
Explore sacred iconography and decipher symbolism.
Decode planetary influences.
Undergo the rites of passage necessary to prepare the soul for initiation.
Learn the techniques and tools for divination.


Core Courses

The program contains 12 courses (6 per year).

Each course consists of two parts and will run for 8 weeks. The first 5 weeks upon receipt of your workbook, you’ll step into preliminary studies of your handbook while you amass questions to be sent in to your Tutor. During the last 3 weeks your questions will be handled extensively and in depth, while your Tutor will supply you with additional training materials, tailored according to your interests and needs.

First Year
* Basics of Earth-centered spirituality – Know your Kindred.
* Wheel of the Year – The Celebration of the Seasons.
* Ritual Prep – Construction of Formal Ritual.
* Indo-European Shamanism – Exploring the basis of Natural Magick.
* Intro to Meditation – Learn how to meditate to expand your consiousness.
* Introduction to Magick – Magical Theory and Practice.

Second Year
* Intro to Astrology
* Supporting the Pagan Family
* Attuning to the Wheel
* Inter-mediate Astrology
* Symbolism
* Ancient Rites



Upon completion of the program graduates will receive this certification:
* Associate of Theology, A.Th.


Fees and Payments

All prices are shown in US Dollars and are non-refundable.

For Members

(active members of the Temple of Nature)

Annual Application: $ 25.

Annual Fee: $ 800.

If Paid in Installments:
Option A. 2 installments of $ 410 (every 6 months) – total $ 820.
Option B. 4 installments of $ 205 (every 3 months) – total $ 820.
Option C. 12 installments of $ 70 (every month) – total $ 840.

For Non-Members

(general public)

Annual Application: $ 25.

Annual Fee: $ 950.

If Paid in Installments:
Option A. 2 installments of $ 485 (every 6 months) – total $ 970.
Option B. 4 installments of $ 242.50 (every 3 months) – total $ 970.
Option C. 12 installments of $ 82.50 (every month) – total $ 990.

Annual Fee covers:
* 1 year of educational services.
* Study material in electronic format.
* Monthly contact via email with your Tutor.
* Issuing and printing credentials (Diploma/Certificate) upon completion.

Note: in case more time is required to complete the program requirements, the monthly fee must be paid until the program is completed.


Method of Payment

Payments could be made through subscription via PayPal (you will be directed to payment page after submitting the application form). Canceling will result in immediate dis-enrollment.


Issuing of Credentials

* Issuing & emailing of certificates/diplomas through email is $ 25.-


Handling & Shipping

* Handling & Shipping of certificates/diplomas through postal mail is $ 45 worldwide.