School of Magickal Arts

Educational program oriented to adult students interested in their self-discovery, spiritual development, self-knowledge and in improving their quality of life.

The program is developed at a distance and is customized according to the characteristics, interests and needs of each student.

The whole program is oriented to guide the student in the discovery of his spirituality and in the development of his abilities and gifts. The study is progressive and covers the topics of most interest to the student who will be guided by an Instructor who can suggest topics for further study or deepening.

The program has no defined duration because it depends on the student’s interest and the volume of knowledge to which want to access For practicality, time is counted monthly.


Available Study Topics

These are the study areas available:

Esoteric Philosophy

Comparative Religions



Sacred Geometry




Paganism & Heathenism


Alchemy & Spagyrics


Healing Magick

Chinese Astrology

Vedic Astrology

Tibetan Astrology

Feng Shui

Chaos Magick

Natural Magick

Ritual Magick


Palm Reading



Once the requirements of the subject and / or level studied are completed, the corresponding certification will be issued.



All prices are shown in US dollars and are not reimbursable.

Annual Registration: $ 25.-

Members: $ 25 per month.

Non Members: $ 40 per month (general public).

The monthly amount covers:
* 1 month of educational services.
* Study material in electronic format.
* Regular contact via email with the Instructor.

Note: the first payment for any course is $ 100 for members and $ 145 for general public and covers the annual registration plus the first three monthly payments. From the fourth monthly payment, the corresponding monthly payment can be continued.

Issuing and Emailing of credentials (certificate/diploma): $ 35.-

Payments are made through subscription via PayPal. Failure to pay will result in the immediate abandonment of the course.