Our Beliefs

The members of the Temple of Nature believe in the privilege of each person to seek and follow what they consider right according to their own conscience, including beliefs and personal practices. We understand that being a member of the Temple of Nature does not require exclusivity – members may belong to any other Church, Coven, Circle or Group, as they deem appropriate.

The belief system of the Temple of Nature is based not on one particular tradition but on a composed system of spiritual and magickal beliefs that rest on these four pillars:

* Ancient Wisdom and New Understanding: we encourage the study of ancient texts looking for new / contemporary ways of applying the wisdom they contain.

* Research of Primitive Cultures: respectfully study indigenous cultures to expand our understanding of the web of life.

* East / West Approach: we study the spiritual philosophies and magickal practices of Eastern cultures as well as the arts and sciences preserved by the Western Esoteric Philosophy to incorporate into daily life the most useful resources to enhance personal development and to improve our quality of life.

* Experimental Work: we encourage the practical application of theoretical study. Through constant experimentation, new understanding emerges.